Folk tales, or folklore encompasses traditions common to that culture – oral traditions such as tales, proverbs, and jokes; material culture including traditional building styles and hand-made items; the customary lore of rituals and celebrations, folk dances, folk music, and initiation rites.

Folklore is commonly classified as one of three types: material, verbal or customary lore. These categories include physical objects (material folklore), common sayings, expressions, stories and songs (verbal folklore), and beliefs and ways of doing things (customary folklore). There is also a fourth subgenre of children’s folklore and games, known as Childlore.

Cumbria, this ancient Celtic kingdom, is rich in folklore – kelpie, eachy, barghest, hagg worm, dobby – enclosed, a selection of folk tales. Articles on Boggarts, Faeries, Mythical Creatures, and Vampires, and more to follow.

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