Since November 2020, I have been writing for Cumbria magazine – Cumbrian folklore and superstition.

I was interviewed for “Lancs Live” in August 2020 – “The Bard of Cumberland: Cumbria’s storyteller of ghosts, boggarts, witches and vampires”


Storytelling projects with local radio – Cando FM (Furness area) and Lake District Radio.

March, 2020: an interview with internationally renowned, The Folklore Podcast. I discussed the Druids, Hedge Druidry, Arthurian legend in Cumbria, and local folklore – vampires, boggarts, and woodwose. Also some North American and Tibetan folklore for good measure.

Listen to episode 73 of The Folklore Podcast here:

In 2016, I co-founded Bardsea-Green Films with Paul Rigg. We make short films, sketch series, and documentary. In 2020 we founded Land of Lore Films: folklore and fairytales in film.